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Say NO to fake Reviews!

Unlike our competitors which use sales screenshot, website testimonials,etc. we have real reviews left by real clients in trusted site like Fiverr. After all, screenshots can be faked, website testimonials can be edited but in sites like Fiverr, reviews can be published only when a real clients buys it! This is what makes us different, we don't fake it.

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We have results!

Contrast to what we said above, we do have sales screenshots & screen recordings to share! But these aren't from our video ad/copywriting clients. In fact, it is not possible to know the results produce by our video ad/description because we never had access to our clients's store OR Facebook page, but some companies will claim results as if they have access to the information, sigh! Well we do have access to the stores as well as the Facebook ad accounts of our dropshipping students who had worked with us.